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Financial Planning is the same as investment management

Financial Planning is a holistic approach to managing and coordinating your life priorities with all of your financial affairs.

Financial Planning provides a comprehensive foundation upon which to base not only investment decisions but all other aspects of your financial affairs as well.


Financial Planning is a Financial Plan 

Financial Planning is a long-term process of wisely managing your finances in the service of your life goals.
A Financial Plan is a point-in-time document that summarizes your complete financial picture and will be modified over time as situations change.

A Financial Plan is a step in the process. It is a living document which will regularly be updated and revisited over time.


Financial Planning is expensive 

Financial Planning usually pays for itself many times over as you experience the efficiencies and benefits of wise, well-thought out decisions.

In reality, it can be expensive not to do Financial Planning.


Financial Planning is a one time event

Financial Planning is a ongoing process. It is a partnership between you and us where we work together to jointly monitor and review all aspects of your financial life and make prudent in-course adjustments to respond to changing conditions.

Financial Planning is a product

Financial Planning is advice. This advice is legally required to be given to the highest ethical standards. These are the same standards which apply to trustees and other professionals. You are paying for advice and guidance, not for any product.

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