Investment Portfolios

Client accounts are typically invested in one or more structured portfolios which have the following features:

Asset Allocation- Research show that this important step accounts for the majority of the variation in portfolio returns. All portfolios contain the appropriate combinations of different assets (bonds, stocks, commodities, cash, etc.) which have the potential to meet your personal risk capability and your goal objectives.

Mutual Funds or ETFs – All portfolios are made up either 100% mutual funds or 100% ETFs.  There are no individual stocks, bonds or other investments. This provides the another level of diversification.

Tactical Management – The asset allocation of your portfolio is defined by a ranges (for example 20-30% large cap US stocks). The exact percentage of any asset is automatically changed within the defined ranges based evolving economic and market conditions.

Risk Management – Many of our portfolios are constructed so as to moderate loses in down markets. If a comparable market portfolio might be down 10% for instance, our portfolio might only be down 6%. The tradeoff is below market returns when the markets are rising. The overall payoff, however, is a less volatile investing experience for clients which may result in less stress, make it less likely to make poor, emotionally driven decisions during times of big market fluctuations and potentially higher long-term average returns.