Retirement Planning

Retirement. Life After Work. The Next Phase. The Third Third. The rest of my life. Whatever you call it, retirement is a dramatic, new phase of life. There are different challenges, unexpected joys, new sources of satisfaction, unique skills to master. Whether you are completely leaving the workplace or just slowing down, the transition is huge.

There are predictable issues many of us face in our fifties and sixties as we prepare for this next stage of life. The most basic question, of course, is “what’s next?”. What will you do? What can you do? What do you want to do?

There are also many specific concerns which arise: health care planning, aging parents, career transitions, endings, new beginnings and many others. It’s a lot to grapple with and a real challenge to coordinate the many competing needs and interests in an effective manner.

Retirement Planning at Bucks County FPG helps people in their fifties and sixties thoughtfully and effectively negotiate all of these issues and plan for the best life that they can have.