SEI: Our Investment Partners

We offer investment services through a partnership with SEI. SEI, headquartered in Oaks, Pennsylvania and founded in 1968, is a very respected investment manager recognized and used by many large banks, large institutions and companies. SEI currently has over $200 billion in assets which they manage for companies like Aetna, AIG, Panasonic and Mitsubishi Motors North America as well as for individuals like yourself. They also hold custody to another $257 billion in bank and client assets and provide trust company services to 9 of the 20 largest US banks (as of 12/2011).

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We are proud to partner with SEI for many reasons:

Deep bench – SEI has deep expertise with over 100 financial analysts whose full-time job is to construct and monitor portfolios for clients like you.

Tax management – Special tax-managed portfolios are available if you have a strong need to manage your asset with an eye towards tax liabilities. SEI excels in their ability to manage tax exposure from their portfolios.

Risk management – SEI and we share a belief that one of the most important responsibilities of an investment professional is to help client limit and manage risks in financial markets, especially such as those we saw in 2008-9 when stock markets were down about 40%.

Portfolios - SEI has an ongoing mutual fund company review process. They constantly evaluate these companies for performance, price, risk and other features. Mutual fund companies are routinely replaced if their performance does not match up to the required standards. SEI is also able to access a broader universe of mutual funds and pick the best among them. For instance, because of their size SEI is able to utilize mutual funds with very high minimum investments such as $25 million, which are not typically available to individual investors.