What is Retirement Planning?

Retirement Planning is a comprehensive process of life planning and financial planning for the stage of life after 60 years of age. It entails intentionally clarifying what really matters and building all of your financial decisions upon that foundation.

Retirement planning starts with stepping back and taking the time to focus upon the people, issues, activities and experiences which give you the deepest sense of fulfillment, which make life worth living: family, community, faith, your passions and loves, that which makes your heart soar. We call this planning for your best life.

Next, Retirement Planning addresses the financial piece, optimizing and coordinating all of the retirement specific financial elements in a fashion which supports your best life. These include:

  • Social Security planning
  • Retirement income planning including management of pensions, annuities and other items.
  • Housing financial choices including mortage payoffs, refinancing, home equity loans and reverse mortages.
  • Health care planning

Do not plan for someone else’s life. Do not settle for a Madison Avenue idea of retirement. In fact, if you read further, we suggest you don’t retire at all. Start by re-membering your life and building from there.